Fujifilm Prescale


2013 09-23

Using Tactile Pressure Mapping To Improve High Voltage Switches

High voltage switches need perfectly aligned contact surfaces to prevent arching. Using the Fuji Prescale pressure mapping system engineers can detect and prevent failures of switches, and design better ones thanks to the ease of use of the Prescale films to map tactile pressure.

2013 09-17

Using Fuji Prescale To Align Brass and Steel Samples in Metalic Microparts Extrusion Manufacturing

Using the Fuji Prescale film helped engineers properly align brass and steel plates and come to proper conclusions about the source of extruded micropart deformations.

2013 09-11

Fuji Prescale LLW Pressure Mapping as Vertical Alignment Gauge In Nanoimprint Lithography

Nanoimprint Lithography enables fast manufacturing but needs regular vertical alignment checks to ensure quality. The Fuji Prescale Film enables fast, easy and straightforward vertical alignment evaluation by mapping the tactile pressure between the substrate and mold carrier.

2013 08-22

Fuji Pressure Measurement Film Helps Hydroelectric Turbines Design Go Green

Engineers and environemntalists benefit from the wide range of Fuji Prescale films in designing hydroelectric dams and turbines that are safe for salmon migration.

2013 08-01

How to Achieve Reliable Tactile Pressure Distribution In Press-Pack High Power Semiconductor Stacks

High power semiconductor stacks rely on uniform tactile pressure with heatsinks to avoid temperature overload. Using simple clamps is not enough and Fuji Prescale films can help discover tactile pressure problems and suggest solutions too.

2013 07-24

Tactile Pressure Mapping With Fuji Prescale as Method for Fins Alignment In Turbofans

Turbofans are complex devices that need maintenance. Using Fuji Prescale to map tactile pressure, technicians can quickly and efficiently repair turbofans and properly align fins onto fan matrices.

2013 07-18

Measuring Surface Flatness Using The Fuji Prescale Pressure Measurement System

High-volume manufacturing of microelectric and microfluidic devices requires precise dimensions and surface flatness of molds. Using the Fuji Prescale film, engineers can quickly and easily evaluate polymer-manufactured molds for any geometry and surface flatness defects.

2013 07-10

Fuji Prescale Tactile Pressure Mapping For Improved Artificial Hips Design

Total Hip Replacement requires minimal dimensions without sacrificing durability of the elements. Using Fuji Prescale Film, engineers discover the optimal dimensions and materials used for hip elements.

2013 06-24

Contact Pressure Mapping for Particle Accelerator Power Switches

Designing high voltage power switches requires strong tactile pressure and solid pressure symmetry. Using the Fuji Prescale Film engineers can quickly evaluate and fine-tune tactile pressure thanks to direct pressure mapping readouts.

2013 06-19

Mapping Tactile Pressure in Laminated Battery Structures

Green energy requires reliable energy storing systems. Supercapacitors are great storing devices that rely on even tactile pressure to store the maximum amount of energy packed in a smallest possible dimensions. Using the Fuji Prescale film, engineers have a direct way of gauging capacitance consistency based on tactile pressure readouts.

2013 06-05

Bolted Joints Contact Pressure Mapping As Tool To Prolong Li-Ion Battery Charge

Building efficient electrical vehicles requires efficient power supply. Li-Ion battery assemblies need strong wiring and bolted joint wiring is optimal. With proper bracket-bolted joints design electrical losses can be minimized. Using Fuji Prescale helps choosing the optimal bracket and bolted joints design for li-ion battery assemblies.

2013 06-03

Fuji Prescale 4LW Helps Map Lamination Tactile Pressure Range in Manufacturing Microfluidic Structures

Instrument-on-a-chip biomedical devices use microfluidic structures that need to ensure proper fluid flow. These laminated structures require exact lamination tactile pressure with very small variances. Using the Fuji Prescale 4LW film, manufacturers can cheaply, easily and quickly measure the lamination tactile pressure and ensure proper lamination of microfluidic structures.

2013 05-17

Using Fuji Prescale Film to Map Tactile Pressure in Super Seal Gaskets Design

Asbestos gaskets are hazardous and are being replaced with metal ringed gaskets that rely on metal deformation to provide sealing. Using the Fuji Prescale film, engineers can directly measure the gasket sealing properties for nominal bolt tightening forces.

2013 05-17

Using Fuji Prescale Film to Map Tactile Pressure in Super Seal Gaskets Design

Asbestos gaskets are hazardous and are being replaced with metal ringed gaskets that rely on metal deformation to provide sealing. Using the Fuji Prescale film, engineers can directly measure the gasket sealing properties for nominal bolt tightening forces.

2013 05-02

Designing Compact Aluminum Honeycomb Heatsinks with Fuji Prescale

Designing compact heatsinks requires using honeycomb structures to reduce weight. Using the Fuji Prescale film engineers can accurately measure tactile pressure which in compact designs directly affects thermal conductivity of bolted aluminum honeycomb heatsinks.

2013 04-23

Design and Servicing of Pneumatic Sealing Machines Using Fuji Prescale

Sealing machines should ensure fast and reliable sealing for long periods of time in continuous use. To avoid surface ware and tear, while keeping a high life-time and low production cost, sealing machine manufacturers and servicers rely on Fuji Prescale films to ensure proper alignment and surface pressure.

2013 04-11

Designing Bolted Composite Structures Using Fuji Prescale Films

Composite structures used in the US Navy must be reliable for a specified lifetime. Composite fatigue induced by bolt tightening forces negatively affect the tactile pressure. Using FEA and Fuji Prescale helps in establishing the optimal tightening force, number of bolts and tightening type that ensures minimal pressure variation caused by composite fatigue.

2013 04-04

Designing Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration Units With Fuji Prescale

Environmentally friendly refrigeration units use fluids that operate on higher nominal pressure. This requires compressor design alterations and gasket design improvements to ensure sealing throughout the unit lifecycle. Fuji Prescale helps verify FEA models in pre-production phase.

2013 03-26

Designing Head-Gasket Bolted Joints with Fuji Prescale and FEA

Engine design inevitably revolves around designing the bolted joint of the thermo-mechanical head-gasket-body assembly. Moving away from experimental to computational design speeds design but engineers must use Fuji Prescale to verify computational findings and further improve the bolted joint design.

2013 03-20

Using Fuji Prescale As Comparative Measurement of Thermal Conductivity Between Aluminum Plates

Thermal conductivity between two metal bodies increases as the tactile surface and pressure increases between the two metal plates. Thermal Engineers can resort to Fuji Prescale films as co-relational method of measuring thermal conductivity cheaply and efficiently.

2013 03-12

Visualization and Measuring Tactile Pressure using Fuji Prescale and FDP 8010 Digital System

Tactile pressure is a key value engineers need to measure in order to ensure proper design and manufacturing. Usually the tactile pressure was derived by the bolting force and tactile surface. However, the Fuji Prescale and FDP8010 digital system enable actual measurement and visualization of pressure that is an extremely important step toward improved engineering and manufacturing processes.

2013 02-26

How To Improve Wafer Thermo Bonding Processes With Fuji Prescale

Wafer Thermo Bonding is used in chip manufacturing, cmos image sensors, compound semiconductors etc. If the pressure plates are not perfectly aligned, or the wafer/object is not even, the end products will be defective. Fuji Prescale is the best possible way to easily obtain tactile pressure distribution measurement and precisely diagnose any manufacturing or materials problems.

2013 02-19

Quality Control In Photovoltaic Manufacturing With Fuji Prescale

Laminated Photovoltaic elements manufacturing relies on vacuum lamination that ensures even tactile pressure distribution. Any pressure distribution can cause wrinkling and damage to the laminates and result in faulty photovoltaic elements. Using Fuji Prescale to directly measure pressure distribution is the only direct method for manufacturing quality control.

2013 02-12

Semiconductor Die Collet Adjustment Using Fuji Prescale

Die Collets (or suction jigs) are excellent tools for transporting semiconductor chips. But suction nozzles eventually need replacement which may result in mis-aligned die collet that may cause defective products and material loss. Using Fuji Prescale films, maintenance technicians can easily measure the die collet alignment and repair the problem without loss of production units.

2013 01-24

Avoiding Manufacturing Defects of Multi-layer PCB With Fuji Prescale

PCB manufacturing machines ware and tare result in poor quality and material loss. Using Fuji Prescale films manufacturers can ensure proper lamination thanks to nominal pressure profile checking without costly retrospective diagnosis processes.

2013 01-17

Using Fuji Prescale To Check Surface Defects of Paper Size Rubber Rollers

Rubber rollers are used to manufacture various sizes and thickness of paper. Defective rubber surface causes poor quality of paper, and Fuji Prescale Film is the only fast, reliable and cheap diagnostics tool to visualize any surface defects of paper size rubber rollers.

2013 01-10

Using Fuji Prescale in PCB and Electronics Manufacturing

PCB manufacturing relies on precise tactile pressure for making plastic carbon-leads PCBs as well as standard multi-layered PCBs. With Fuji Prescale, manufacturers finally have a reliable and fast way to determine the pressure distribution and ensure high-quality PCB manufacturing.

2013 01-03

Measuring Pressure Distribution Of Solder Cream Application for Surface - Mount Devices

Surface-Mount Devices (SMDs) need just the right amount of solder cream on the PCB pads to ensure adhesion of the SMDs and subsequent proper conductivity after the PCBs go through a soldering machine. Measuring if the solder cream is applied with the nominal pressure is crucial, and the only practical and reliable way is to use the Fuji Prescale film.

2012 12-13

Assessment of Rubber Roll Mounting Quality With Fuji Prescale

Rubber roll mounting is used in various industries, from printing to electronics to pharmaceutical industry. The even pressure and roll of the rubber rollers is crucial for manufacturing quality. Finding any rubber roll defects in a quick and easy way is only possible with Fuji Prescale.

2012 12-05

Increasing Quality and Quantity of LCD Panel Manufacturing With Using Fuji Prescale Film

LCD Manufacturing is an ever-growing industrial segment with big demands on quality and quantity. Manufacturers can greatly benefit from the Ultra-Low Pressure Fuji Prescale Film as a means of Quality Assurance and increased manufacturing yield.

2012 11-29

Using Fuji Prescale to Check Heat Bar Pressure Balance In Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Heat Sealing relies on proper temperature and even pressure distribution along the sealing surface. Any pressure deviances cannot be compensated with increase in sealing temperature, so using Fuji Prescale films to measure pressure distribution is a crucial step in repair and maintenance of pressure-sealing machines.

2012 11-27

Digital Pressure Mapping Sensors vs. Fuji Pressure Sensitive Film

Thin-film pressure mapping systems offer unparalleled insight into pressure distribution between two contacting surfaces. Digital systems are good for instant digital readout, but prescale pressure sensitive film by Fuji offers benefits that overshadow anything Digital systems can offer.

2012 11-22

Using Fuji Prescale to Fine-Tune Winding Tension in Roll Products

Rolled products such as functional film, coated paper and even sheet metal rolls need a specific rolling tension in order to form a uniform roll. Using the Fuji Prescale rolling technicians can precisely set the rolling tension and avoid rolling problems such as telescoping, blocking, tapering etc.

2012 11-20

Ensure High Quality Adhering of Functional Films to LCD Screens Using Fuji Prescale

Adhering functional films to LCD screens such as anti-glare (AG), anti-reflex (AR) as well as using optically clear adhesive (OCA) in touchscreens requires uniform pressure to avoid air bubbles, flexing, skewing and other film displacements. Using the Fuji Prescale Ultra-Low Pressure film helps in diagnosing and eliminating any adherence problems.

2012 11-15

Diagnosing and Repair of Injection Mold Machines using Fuji Prescale Films

Injection mold design and manufacturing revolves around mold components perfect alignment and surface pressure. Faults in mold manufacturing as well as wear and tear cause surface imperfections that result in poor molded products quality and shorter mold life. Fuji Prescale films enable repair technicians to precisely diagnose and repair mold tools and increase production efficiency.

2012 11-13

Using Fuji Prescale Film to Verify Heat Seal Integrity in Medical and Food Industries

Heat-sealed packaging is crucial to product longevity and quality, especially in medical and pharmaceutical industries. In clean rooms, the ideal way to verify quality of heat-sealing process without contaminating the area with dust particles is using the Fuji Prescale film to verify sealing integrity.

2012 08-30

Using Fuji Prescale as Quality Assurance in Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Fuel cell manufacturing relies on even tactile pressure between individual cells and electrolyte membranes. With Fuji Prescale films, manufacturers finally have a direct way to measure tactile pressure and ensure high production quality.

2012 08-23

Diagnostics and Repair of Expensive Office Printers With Fuji Prescale Films

Repairing expensive office printers and copiers with the trial-and-error method is time consuming and expensive. Fuji Prescale helps repair technicians quickly diagnose the defect and repair it without unnecessary procedures and spare parts.

2012 08-14

How Fuji Prescale Films Ensure Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing of PCBs and LCD glass substrate circuit formation requires precise and constant pressure on the entire working surface. Fuji Prescale enables easy and reliable way to measure pressure distribution and thus ensures high quality and productivity.

2012 08-07

Manufacturing Better Touch Panels With Fuji Prescale

Binding LCD displays with a resistive or capacitive touch sensitivity is a very challenging process.

2012 08-01

Fine tuning Chemical Mechanical Polishing Head With Fuji Prescale Film

Semiconductor components require clean rooms and high precision machines in order to reach the level of product reliability that will justify high volume manufacturing.

2012 07-24

Fuji Prescale Film as a Gasket Sealing Tester

Internal combustion engines are high-pressure and high-temperature engines that also generate a lot of vibration. These working conditions accompany the engine for hours on end, day in and day out, for years. Heat, pressure, vibration and time are all working together toward breaking down the engine.

2012 07-17

Pressure Distribution on a Lamination Press: Fuji Prescale as Diagnostics Tool

Lamination presses must distribute pressure throughout the lamination surface. Common defects like plate misalignment results in poor lamination quality. Fuji Prescale pressure sensitive films are the simplest and easiest way to diagnose the scope and location of the plate misalignment.

2012 07-10

Design and Repair of Disc Brakes with Fuji Prescale Pressure Sensing Films

Disc brakes rely on optimal surface alignment to transform pressure into breaking power. Using Fuji Prescale films, R&D and Repair technicians can quickly and precisely evaluate the pressure distribution and alignment of the disc surface and brake pads.

2012 07-03

Checking water-tight joints using Fuji Prescale Film

Devices that need water-tight joints rely on precise assembly and perfect alignment. Deviations in the manufacturing and assembly process can cause pressure dis-balance and variations of the water-tightness of the joints. Fuji Prescale Films can help discover pressure discrepancies and improve the quality of water-tight products.

2012 06-19

Axis Alignment Measurement with Fuji Prescale: The Easiest and Simplest Defect-Detection Mechanism

Using the Fuji Prescale films, axis alignment measurement on a high-rotation turbo fans is very simple and accurate way of locating the defect.

2012 06-12

Load Distribution Measurement with Fuji Prescale: The Easiest and Simplest Defect-Detection Mechanism

Using the Fuji Prescale films, Ball-bearing load distribution on high-rotation machines is very simple and accurate way of locating the defect.

2012 06-06

Fuji Prescale Film as Balance and Alignment Gauge in the Paper Industry

The paper industry is dependent on precision machinery to produce paper rolls as raw production material, as well as producing final paper products like printed materials, perforated paper etc. All of these production processes use roller-based machines to format, print and perforate paper.

2012 06-04

How to measure tactile pressure: Easy and Precise Pressure Profile Visualization

Determining the actual pressure distribution vs. the calculated pressure values helps engineers and repair technicians improve the engineering and repair process using Fuji Prescale films to visualize the pressure distribution between two contacting surfaces.