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Prescale film can precisely measure pressure, pressure distribution, and pressure balance. Red patches will appear on the film when pressure is applied and the color density changes according to the various pressure levels.

There are seven types of Fujifilm Prescale available to fulfill your varying pressure ranges. (7.25 PSI - 43,500 PSI) (0.05 - 300 MPa)


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  • Easy visual check of distribution/uniformity for contact pressure
  • Contact pressure shown with differing concentrations of color can even be converted into numbers
  • Lower cost with no special devices or equipment required
  • Quick measurement gives an at-a-glance picture


Seven types of Prescale

Supplied according to pressure level. Select appropriate Prescale.

Pressure Ranges

Notes: W in the product codes indicates two-sheet type and S indicates mono-sheet type.


Two-sheet type

Extreme low pressure, ultra super low pressure, super low pressure, low pressure (4 types)

Composed of two kinds of films: A-film and C-film

  • A-film: Base material (PET base) coated with a color-forming material (microcapsules)
  • C-film: Base material (PET base) coated with a color-developing material

The coated sides of each film (color-forming and color-developing) must face each other. These are the sides with the matte finish. When pressure is applied, the microcapsules are broken and the color-forming material transfers to the color-developing material and reacts, thereby generating a red color.

Two-Sheet Type

Mono-sheet type

Medium pressure, high pressure, super high pressure (3 types)

Measurement is possible with a single sheet of film.

  • A color-developing material and color-forming material (microcapsules) are coated, one above the other, on a single base material (PET base).

When pressure is applied, the microcapsules are broken and the color-developing material absorbs the color-forming material and reacts, thereby generating a red color.

One-Sheet Type


Directions for Using Fujifilm Prescale

Prescale is the only material in the world able to measure pressure!
Microcapsules are broken and react with a color developing agent when pressure is applied.

Step 1

Cut Fujifilm Prescale to desired dimension.

Step 1

Step 2

Insert Fujifilm Prescale in desired location and apply pressure.

Step 2

Step 3

Remove pressure and film. Now, you can see and check its pressure/distribution.

Step 3


Accuracy 10% or less (measured by densitometer at 23C, 65% RH)
Recommended service temperature 68 °F ~ 95°F (20°C ~ 35°C) (*1)
Recommended service humidity 35% RH ~ 80% RH (*2)
Thickness Mono-sheet type (S): 100m
Two-sheet type (W): 100m x2

*1 Extreme low pressure (4LW)    |    Super high pressure (HHS): 15C ~ 30C

*2 Extreme low pressure (4LW): 20% RH ~ 75% RH    |    Super high pressure (HHS): 35% RH ~ 70% RH


Continuous Pressure

Pressure measurement range: Low pressure (2.5~10MPa) Pressure application condition: Time to reach the pressure 2min. Time of retention at the pressure 2min.

Continuous Pressure Graph

Momentary Pressure

Pressure measurement range: Low pressure (2.5~10MPa) Pressure application condition: Time to reach the pressure 5sec. Time of retention at the pressure 5sec.

Momentary Pressure Graph

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NOTE: Fujifilm Prescale film is synonymous with pressure sensitive paper, tactile pressure indicating sensor film, pressure sensitive film, pressure paper, Fuji pressure film, Fuji paper, Fuji prescale film, prescale film, pressure sensitive tape, nip impression paper, nip paper.